Thursday, April 13, 2006

fluxblog a-z

above actually adam adopted air all allen allison almost along alter amazingly angel angel angels ann announcing ant anthologi any anybody anything apllication archives ards articulately artist artists assembled audio ax bab back backwards bacon badge bag balcony balkier baptism bare baron barrenness bc beautiful became bedstead been beginning belong bench bethune bettelheim bibiana bisector bit bits blew blind blogger blogthis blue boat bob bonanza born both boy boyfriend brad brain bramble brands bread breast breathing bride brier broaca broadside brook brought bruno bucharest buffalo build bukoff busiest butterflies buttonwood cached came canaveral candace carl carnivores carp cashew cbhlalls cecil chair challenged champ charm charms cheese chicago chickadees chickens chiropractor chivas church cia cianciusi circle circus click clip close clue cobbing collage collection collective com com come comes common community consigns contrary contributors convention copy cornflour coughing couldn court crap crashing crispin cut d da dafloom damp dan dang daughters david ddjkio dead dear debilitating decided deer den dents despair development did different discussion dissect divided dizzy does don done download downtime drawing dreams dreamscape drive dry during e each early earthquake economic editor effacement effectively eg eh eight el electra elude enchantment end end entitled entry er event event every evidence exam excited existed explosive f facts faint fall falter fb fear feb fees feistiest fflmkq fields file find fingerprints fingerprints fisrt fist flamebait flight flim flobberlob floods fluxlist fluxlist fluxuswest foot forum fou found frequent fresh friday friend frips fund garde gary georgia ger get giant girls glass glass glimmer gone good good googling got gradually grape gravity great guest h hadn ham hands happy happy hardly hats haven having hawaii head hears heaven her hoarse hoffberg hooker hour housekeeper how huang human hung hurt iambic ideas idolater ike ilitary image image impending indiana information installer interesting intermedia internet interviews into ira iranu is isaiah it its iuoma j jansen jar jarns jerk jesus jim judgement judith just kambitsch kamen ke kiss kiyotei klefstad knees know kraig larger latency lather le lease leave leave leaves leclaire ledbetter left leftwich leftwich leigh lessor letters life like links list listen listless litary live loa locals looked looking loving lucky made mail mails making maltos managers manderley many marrakesh marshalled mason matter mauna maybe mazurka members mentor meow messing met mi michael militar militarization millimeters milwaukee mind missed monday moon more mother motorhome mp murphy mutant myself na nedev nephew networking new nger nick nonlinear not nothing nowhere o off oils om on on online only onwo opposite or or order org our padilla pages part pass passions patricia paul peas performer perhaps philosophy photograph photolink phrase piece pillowed ping place planet plaque player playing poetry point pond portal portfolio portrait post postcards posts practice preacher preschool pretty previous previous problems project ptions publisher put quackery quietly quite quoting race railing reading real receive record reimburses remembered repeat reprise rest result retrorockets reverse rike rod rolling room roses rubbeing russeting ruud saturday say scamper scanned scholarship schwarzkopf scrapeteria sea search searching security seeing seemed seleucid send sense series shall sharing sharon sharpie sheila ship shockers should side sighting similar skipping sleep sleeping slip sloop slowly smelled smoked sms snow snowfalls snowstorm so social some somebody sons souls space spells spin spirit spot spudcycle st start stasick stetson stirring stomach stone stop story str stri string stripped studyin suck summer sunday superstitions supplemental supplest supreme surprised swelling tam tang tarring tax technically tent terror them these they things thomas those though throughout thursday times tmesis to toggling tom tomatoes tonerworks too touchon traded transferred tried trike troll trolls trouble true trumpet trust tuesday turtledove tw university unix unmistakable uses ute vacrllum valley veil via video view view violets visual vlog voice volcano wall walter walter waltz want was way ways we we webb webgal website wed wednesday week weha weird western western what where who why why will windblown woodpiles works world world write write writers writing written wrote www xeroxed xylol yong yosemite you young zimmer z

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Allan Revich said...

I find this difficult to believe. Did all this really happen? Ipso facto?
Pizza napoli?