Friday, April 21, 2006

YO-Yos For Ay-O

a. a yo-yo.
the string is 6 feet long

b. with great preparation the performer climbs to the top of a tall ladder a yo-yo is dropped it's string is long enough for it to almost touch the ground.
it doesn't return upwards
( it's 'A Yo!')

c. with great care and deliberation, and exaggerated effort, the performer begins to play with a yo-yo the more elaborate the yo-yo the better (lights and music would be good) when a steady momentum has been achieved an apparent stranger approaches and cuts the string
( and whispers "thanks to watts and miller!")

d. a yo-yo
when released the yo-yo doesn't fall

e. a yo-yo
when realeased the yo-yo floats to the ceiling (or beyond)

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