Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nobody, Litsa & The Men.

On the blog located at :


you can find the first dozens of collaborations between Litsa Spathi and Male Artists. A sample you find below (work by Litsa Spathi & Serge Segay - 1994)

On the blog new updates with texts and visuals will follow. Some members of this fluxlist will surely know the collaborating artists like Edgardo-Antonio Vigo, Robin Crozier, John M. Bennett, Guillermo Deisler, David Cole, Jurgen O. Olbrich and many others. If you are interested, just have a look now and then.

Litsa Spathi


Sheila Murphy said...

Your work is tremendous. Like the blog very much, and both individual and collaborative pieces are great. Glad you are here!

Allan Revich said...

And the Red Circles just keep on coming!