Friday, September 15, 2006

flux, strange currency, the price Posted by Picasa
went up, big copy, trance dancing,
hugh’s corny english, don the van
daily, four cents’ worth, draw
a blank allusion, disculpe, on
continued gravitational
attraction, a radiological
weapon, bit-perfect copies,
copy-protection technologies,
trance da nubia, trance
vampire, a red-alert reader,
a thousand leaves, death
throws the pen, proximitate,
claim ownership?, further
defacing, perft, one nothing,
imagine the sun, inside
the mind, image event, trike
time, art down, as they came
in, nothing exploded, main-
tain your identity, how do
you work, edible time, the
trike we left behind, aevent,
display font, attack toget-
her, one hot not, the world is
there, sun eye god, imaginary
hat, trance love, half text,
this needs art, machine
letter, grey mud, illeagual,
metal stamping, room for ears,
room for eyes, let’s go on
a trip, boring web cam, new
gladiators, caught up in,
configuration files, stare
at the hourglass icon, your
desktop, en, matcli, messen,

1 comment:

Clifford Duffy said...

sheets of lightening hit this post. sheets? perhaps type face? sheets, sheets,or linotype? what poem is it marks the space of its departure? sheets of linotype in the hidden manufacture of its lining.