Tuesday, April 10, 2007

page 10 R ecycledFLUXPoems 1987 Luc Fierens


ptomaine said...

Welcome to the Fluxlist Blog, Luc Fierens! I hope you will post more of your great work here.

I also have a couple of questions: What was going on with you in 1987 when you created these works? What were you thinking about Fluxus then?

Luc Fierens said...

dear allen?

march 86 i visited graf haufen (perfo mail-artist & neoist) and in berlin i visited gelbe musik (rene block)and bought the fluxuswiesbaden 1982cat. because end 85 i participated in the friedensbiennale of filliou in hamburg. some mail-artists were fluxed : mark bloch, steve random, graf haufen.. also in 1987 i started the postfluxpostbooklets & did this recycled fluxpoemsbooklet to bring some collage/vispo/flux together incl. my scores
at that moment i thought fluxus was a closed group and impossible to communicate with until ken friedman answered my mail and put me on the fluxlist address list . through this list i received publications etc. who gave a wider picture of the fluxed attitudes and so fluxus was fluxed by me in a certain way .. also 1992 meeting barbara moore & emily harvey in Nyc who shared their enthusiasm.