Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fireworks, flowers & flag cake

at my house today


ptomaine said...

My country took a horrible wrong turn when when the US Supreme Court installed Bush & Cheney in 2000. And my fellow citizens here broke my heart when they re-elected Bush & Cheney in 2004--after it became perfectly clear what a dangerous lying corrupt group of rightwing authoritarians they are. On top of that, they are incompetent juveniles fucking up everything that their lying ideology hasn't already fucked up. We need to hold these treasonous war criminals accountable if my country is ever to get back on the path to being a helpful world citizen. So it is hard for people like me to celebrate the 4th of July without a lot of sadness and anger. Blind hope will help me raise one more toast.

jn said...

here's to hope

ptomaine said...

This is a good analysis of some of what has gone wrong in the United States under the neoconservatives:
our corrupt government elite