Sunday, July 08, 2007

John Doe from Cincinnati
Visits the Detroit Auto Dealers Association

Fluxus performance by Allen Bukoff

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Auction includes rare New Wave Psychology object/artifact.


Allan Revich said...

Who's yo' dada?

mIEKAL aND said...

Those red letters look remarkably like the red letters on the DADA sign in Romania.. Uncanny.

ptomaine said...

Your DADA photo from Romania triggered this project.

David-Baptiste Chirot said...

this is brilliant! the humor makes me think of Berlin dada--something Huasmann, Haertfield & Grosz wd come up with--Like the Dada working class journal surpressed by the police--"Jeder Mann seine eignerer Fussball" (Every man his own football")-the Detroit Auto Dealers Association they would've loved--Scwitters too, wih Merz coming from "Kommerz Bank" fround tron in street--i think i'd like to join John Doe on a tour--next stop Harley Davidson and Miller Brewing! when you get to "M'waukee" next-(home of the First Place Brewers & Prince Fielder--after all his dad Cecil played for Detroit)

Mick Boyle said...

This is a fascinating piece of art.

I am left wondering though, do the unwashed socks and undies make it more *fluxus* ?