Friday, August 03, 2007

AMERISCAN - version 3

Fluxus-Score for Americans.
By Litsa Spathi, Europe.

1. Focus with your eyes on a concept made by somebody else.
2. Take a computer, camera or scanner.
3. Modify it.
4. Log in to Fluxlist with a cryptical identity.
5. Regardless on what the current topic is; publish it on the Fluxlist.
6. Write ironical comments and 'correct' the original concept like a teacher.
7. Arrange it so that you entry stays on top of the Fluxlist.

© August 2007 by Litsa Spathi


ptomaine said...

I AM a teacher.

Nobody said...

...I thought, you were an artist..

ptomaine said...

I am not an artist.
I thought that was obvious.

Reed Altemus said...

Sorry Litsa, lots of teachers and few artists here in the states. The government doesn't support the arts.
Wait a minute and I'll say something else stupid. And yes I AM an artist.