Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FOUND ARTIST (Tova Rogers)

Last November my wife and I bopped over to Cranbrook Art Museum to check out Space is the Place--a traveling exhibition dealing with outer space. Walked into one of the galleries and noticed a chalked off square on the floor with someone standing in it. Sensing a game, I checked it out. Occupant of the chalk square turned out to be a Crankbrook MFA sculpture student. She was doing her own renegade installation/performance at the opening: creating and occupying "space."

Had occasion recently to spend some time with the artist, Tova Rogers, and find out more about her work. I discovered a lot of smart Fluxus sensibility (like I saw in the chalk performance). I'll give you one other example, and then maybe I can coax her on here to present some of her other stuff.

“On. On. I love you On. You’re so On. On. Part II”
(44 x 60-inch poster)
Poster displays 86,400 time units (hour:minute:second)-- all the seconds in one day in relentless order.


keri marion said...

this is impressive

junior said...

thank you.

gershon said...

vexing. time may be the one element we have least control of. whether we live, die, succeed or fail, time never ceases-
thought provoking piece

Anonymous said...

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