Friday, September 28, 2007

Ascension of Female and Mail

In the comments on my first balloon entry ptomaine asks how i arrived at making them--here a commentary with some new ones-- . . .

I found this Spanish celebrity-and-royalty magazine called <> in a dumpster . . . across an open alleyway from a construction site i work at a lot on my rubBEings and paintings--
i saw the fotos of the bride in the balloon and set them aside--thinking of a word in one of my all time favorite essays, "The Lives They Wish" by Petra Backonja--in it Petra uses the word "ballonery"--
so i made my first balloon using some things found on street--and sent it to her with the fotos--
i sent some more and included this stamp i found in a book also from a dumpster on American postage stamps of the last over a hundred years--
Lafayette, Indiana is the place where i was born--but i did not know until Petra told me that it was the site of the first Air Mail launch in the usa--commemorated by this stamp--
except for the terrible drawings the non-bridal balloons are made using things found in the street--including a half burnt piece of wood's arcing grains--
The bride is a leading ballerina of the Bolshoi who married a Russian zillionaire--
at a palace built by Catherine the Great--


ptomaine said...


the sketches...did they all preceed any of the rubbings? were they all done at once or were they ongoing as you created the rubbings...or maybe they were all done at the end?

haje said...

interesting. mail art by balloon, wouldn't that be something to (re)introduce?

Mick Boyle said...

I think the drawings are wonderful. Also, all of this found ephemera is interesting