Sunday, November 25, 2007

frost catcher - portable 001a

Date: 25Nov2007
Location: N 45° 31' 41" W 122° 54' 15"
Time: 07:05 am PST
Temperature: 25°

[a few more photos and details here]


ptomaine said...

Damn. I had frost on the yard and the deck this morning, but my set of frost catchers (scattered around my deck & yard) had very little frost on them (a little patch on a plastic cap). The steel wires are all pretty rust covered now, so I'm wondering if rust deters frost? Which of your materials seem to frost better than others?

haje said...




jn said...

rust never sleeps.
I almost caught it napping once though.

I added a rusted element last night to see what the effect might be (here). Rusted seemed to work fine. It seems that the surfaces are doing better than the wire, even on the windshields. The other catchers are not doing much of anything even though the frost is quite heavy on the grass and rooftops.

haje said...

rust probably isolates at least to some degree and therfore deters frost, but most important should be the mass of the object, the more massive the better catcher.
says my husband - who couldn't care less