Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nicolas Carras / Do the walker II


Blogger Faustino said...

ok....i'm astonished with your work....it really kept my attention....i dont know what to say....congratulations....

7:02 AM  
Blogger ptomaine said...

These walking videos are brilliant. They are very engaging and thought provoking (my left brain just starts going to work on them). A lot of early Fluxus performance used chance to script a performance which the viewer's brain works to finding meaning in. These walking videos are sort of the opposite. These videos take a normally meaningful action (a person walking from point A to B for some reasons or purpose) and then strip the meaning out of it (by presenting the action with no clues to its meaning--mostly by restricting our physical viewpoint). When two of these now "meaningless" scripts are presented side by side, the accidental patterns that emerge (legs coming in and out of sync) prompt my brain to generate hypotheses (e.g., "is there something about the difference in surfaces causing him to walk slightly faster in one video than the other?") or effects (e.g., when he stops for the train? passing by, it almost feels like he's going to get run over as he keeps walking forward in the other video). A cool new way of getting to the "fluxus effect"--a stimulus that is engaging and creative for both sides of my brain.

12:37 PM  

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