Friday, October 10, 2008

Wish Tree for St. Louis Artica Festival 2008

My Artica Festival project for 2008 is a Collaborative one, I am presenting "Wish Tree",
a performance developed by Yoko Ono, and presented in locations worldwide since 2007.
"Wish tree for St. Louis", this work, will collect the wishes for peace of all who participate, and fill a tree with the wishes. the piece will be performed this saturday and sunday, October 11th & 12th, from noon till 4 p.m., under the trees directly across from the arch, near the main stage on Lenore K. Sullivan Boulevard.
Following the weekends performance, the wishes will be collected from the trees, catalogued, and sent to Yoko Ono, to be buried in a capsule at the foot of the Imagine Peace tower in Rekjavic, Iceland.
This piece will be performed at various locations in St. Louis throughout the year.
As a document of the event, a special issue postcard designed by Yoko Ono, has been printed by Fluxus/St.Louis, which will be signed, dated, and stamped by myself, and given to everyone who contributes their wish. Please join me in realizing this work. peace, Keith
P.S.If Anyone wants to participate - just e-mail me your wish this weekend, and I'll print it out for the tree. make sure to include your snail-mail address too, and I'll mail out a postcard document.

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