Monday, May 17, 2010


DISCREET PROFILES (the California collection): thousands of enlarged and
enhanced photographs, mostly low-res cellphone-camera self-portraits,
culled from dating websites -- as you might expect, there is some explicit
content -- fascinating and disturbing. This massive 2+ GB PDF ebook is $250
(sorry about the price but it was a hellish amount of work and I guarantee
you won't be disappointed or YMB), and must be ordered directly. Use my
verified Paypal account to have the DVD delivered at no charge:
[;] (in two
parts, each 1600 pages/photos; 6.94 x 6.94") If I receive a reasonable
number of orders, I may offer another state of the union or country... but
California had to be the place to begin. Sure to be a collectors'
(socio-anthropologists') item! Amazing!


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