Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Virion - Artist Submissions Open

is a screen based digital art exhibition that links to public sites across Brisbane, focused in the Kelvin Grove Urban Screen Network. Visit virion2010.com.au

Virion provides artists the opportunity to display their work across a network of public screens and access a diverse audience. The exhibition is open to all users from professional and emerging artists to people experimenting with cameras and scanners. There is no juried selection process and each work is given equal showing time. Submissions may be in the form of digital stills or video files up to 100MB each.

Each screen will play a compilation of diverse images and video that represent a wide & integrated range of local and international art practices and styles. Screens are located across a range of public, gallery and institutional sites to offer unique viewing experiences and to maximize & diversify Brisbane audiences' exposure to new media practices.

All submissions also play on the Virion website.

Throughout the exhibition the audience is invited to respond and participate by contributing further content to the show. Sites will be updated progressively to include all work.

Online Artist submissions are now open. To be included in the opening of the exhibition submissions must be received by July 14.

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