Monday, April 10, 2006

A Story Contrary to Western Convention Perhaps

A collective piece of writing could be interesting here. The way the blog is published, each entry would be effectively published above the last - in reverse order to common western reading practice.

We'd have to start with the end and gradually build up to the beginning!

Good eh!

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Björn Eriksson said...

Maybe that can be accomplished here aswell in the comment section. Not as thrilling as spreading all over the blog. Maybe this goes in wrong direction too... someone has to post after me to see how things lie up. This could be easily checked by me, but I guess I am too tired at the moment to think about this. Writing silly stuff like this I am not too tired to do, but I'll stop now, I promise. Soon anyway. But check that out, please someone. Maybe I can do it myself tomorrow when I have slept some more. If my idea is working this should be the end of the story. He fell asleep.