Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flatland is coming

In this semi-extreme performance, 6 curious artists strip away not only most of modern life's familiar structures, but an entire dimension: they have elected to inhabit a structure that effectively forces them to live in 2 dimensions. The structure is 4 stories high, 24 feet wide, and 24 inches deep, covered in transparent plastic (vinyl). It resembles a terrarium or "ant farm" and is inspired by the 19th century science fiction novel it is named after, "Flatland".

Ward Shelley works as an artist in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in large projects that freely mix sculpture and performance. Shelley has concentrated on bizarre functioning architectural pieces in which he lives and works during the exhibition.

A fan of Ward Shelley since Platform Voyage.

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wardshelley said...

Thanks for spreading the word. After 2 weeks, 5 of us are still finding Flatland pretty tolerable. I'd say it is a learning experience too.

Yours, Ward Shelley