Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pauline Oliveros
2007 Resounding Vision Award

Nameless Sound is pleased to present the third annual Resounding Vision Award. The award honors musicians whose efforts transcend aesthetics and resonate beyond the performance venue. It honors artists who follow a vision of progress in our communities.
Composer, performer and humanitarian Pauline Oliveros has profoundly influenced people around the world with her music, philosophy and teachings. Born and raised in Houston, Oliveros became known in the early 1960s as part of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, the first electronic music studio on the West Coast. While pioneering electronic music and being involved in early performances of important new music (John Cage, etc.), Oliveros also forged a path that lead her to become one of the era's most important composers. She was innovative in her use of technology, improvisation, theater and ritual in contemporary music. She created "Sonic Meditations," a body of compositions/meditations for musicians and non-musicians alike. From Sonic Meditations, Oliveros developed "Deep Listening," a philosophy of meditation practiced around the world.

Cocktail Reception, Award Ceremony, Performance, and Art Auction
honoring Pauline Oliveros
hosted by
The Art Guys
At The Art Guys World Headquarters
5757 Knox St., Houston, Texas
Friday, April 27 7-10pm
8:30pm Award Ceremony, 9:00pm Performance

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