Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Reaction for Mick Boyle

Mick Boyle said: I changed my mind and my comment. I now think Nobody is a crybaby. Hooray for the red white and blue! I am now going to scan my american flag and write a score about it.

Nobody replies: Micky Boyle is right. I even found a video where the Fluxlist people documented how the tried to get rid of this ' crybaby':

Enjoy the video!


brimmer said...

I think Mick Boyle's work is so gorgeous! so wonderous! one cannot say enough about it.He is pure affirmative and joy! sexy, sensuous and utterly sportive, spiritual and enormous. There's no conceit! he is the greatest artist who has ever lived bar only Pablo Picasso? like you know?

I and myf riends consider ourselves his disciples!

We were once on Fluxus blog but we wuzblogged out!

Mick Boyle is Somebody!

Nobody said...

...What a pity for Picasso...