Saturday, October 13, 2007

faces tend to be processed on the right side of your brain

maybe you can use these faces to help you make the female spin counter-clockwise

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ptomaine said...

I'm not sure if the perceived direction that the rotating figure is spinning is really is related to brain dominance (sided-ness), but I thought it might be fun to play around with it. Since most people are left-brain dominant, most people should see the figure spinning in a clockwise direction (that's the rap, anyway) and have some difficulty seeing the figure spin in a counter-clockwise direction. Since face processing occurs in the brain for most people on the right side and since "face processing" is a big deal for our brains, I thought that intently focusing on the changing faces might help one switch the direction of the spinning figure--from clockwise to counterclockwise. It works for me, although I have been pretty flexible about seeing the figure spin in either direction from the beginning. Let me know if/how this experiment works for YOU. Thanks.