Friday, April 28, 2006

fluxpresentation (for two performers)

this is my faculty mentor, Dr. Rob Haskins (he's a john cage scholar among other things) performing.

this is a much better picture of the Fluxinstrument. there are 4 wind chimes of various sizes and 5 fans powered by a lead-acid battery on the back triggered by a non-momentary switch specific to each fan.

and this is me... reading diligently and precisely.

performer 1 - read attached presentation diligently and precisely, making sure not to make mistakes.
performer 2 -man fluxinstrument and follow attached instructions.

both the speech and the rules i chose have been sent through the fluxlist.


emit said...

Kraig, it must have been a great evening.

And I really like the idea of combining wind chimes with fans.


kraig said...

i had a fantastic time and it was very well received.

thank you.