Friday, April 28, 2006


strange kind of woman

honky-tonk woman

evil woman

a hard woman to love

you ache just like a woman

you fake just like a woman

you make love just like a woman

but you break just like a little girl

you make me feel like a natural woman

oh, she looks so good / oh, she's made out of wood

'cause everybody knows / the things she does to please

she's just a little tease / she's the femme fatale

she put a spell on you

you get your money for nothing, you get your chicks for free

she's funny that way

a whole lotta woman

she's like the wind

she's a river

when a man loves a woman

parachute woman

smack my bitch up, change my pitch up

girls just want to have fun

the men don't know, but the little girls understand

lady madonna, children at your feet, wonder how you manage to make ends meet

woman is the nigger of the world

a girl with kaleidoscope eyes

sweet loretta modern thought she was a woman

all the girls around her say she's had it coming

i want a short haired girl that sometimes wears it twice as long

there she goes again

she's down on her knees, my friend

there she stood in the doorway

then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way

there she goes, just walking down the street

sweet leaf

let me stand next to your fire

some people say little girls should be seen but not heard

girls, girls, girls,

Liberian girl

she's my girl

you're fifteen, you're beautiful, and you're mine

i love-a-love my little calendar girl

the KKK took my baby away

baby, i love you

she's a nightmare hippy girl

she has tofu the size of Texas

she plays footsie with another dimension

she'll do anything to make you feel like an asshole

she'll come back as fire and kill all the liars, leave a blanket of ash on the ground

summer babe (winter version)

he lied to her, he lied to her (with a perfectly straight face)

her, she can go quietly, by a disease or a blow

you dont't have to be rich to be my girl

sex bomb sex bobm, you're my sex bomb

no woman no cry

sheila is a punk rocker

judy is a punk

blood sugar baby, she's magic, sex magic, sex magic

so star me kitten

she's a star-star

if i have a reason to believe, then she has a reason to forgive

the girl can't help it


Mick Boyle said...

hear me roar

Neil said...

Man was made to suffer, woman was made to feel the pain.