Monday, May 01, 2006


all you need is love
love makes you feel ten feet high
satellite of love
love me do
love me, love me / say that you love me
i love to love / but my baby just loves to dance
i'm gonna give you every inch of my love
everlasting love
forever (long and lasting love)
i love you from the bottom of my pencilcase
it's hard to tell / when all your love's in vain
everybody get together, try to love one another right now
i can't help falling in love with you
... and saying something stupid like "I love you"
she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
love is all you need
do you love me?
is this love that I am feeling?
is this the love that I've been searching for?
ain't no love in the heart of the city
love is all around
love is in the air
nothing's gonna stop my love for you
do you really want to know how much I love you?
silly little love songs
stop! in the name of love!
will you still love me tomorrow?
i'm a spy in the house of love
the back of love
make love like a man
i guess i'm falling in love
love not money
i love you
i hate myself for loving you
this is not a love song
i will always love you
lessons in love
hello, i love you
don't you need somebody to love?
don't you want somebody to love?
love in an elevator
i don't know how to love him
sure makes love a drag
since i've been loving you
whole lotta love
i'm gonna give you every inch of my love
(what's so funny about) peace, love, and understanding?
i don't want your money honey, i want your love
i believe in love
i wanna love you all night long
anyone could be your brand new love
love in the middle of a firefight
love will tear us apart again
we love our audience
i'm gonna make love to you baby
i want you to love me
i want you love action
love in itself
got love (if you want it)
love, sisters, is just a kiss away
the hounds of love
he wanted to believe in the hands of love
may the good love shine a light on you
with no money in our coats and no loving in our hearts
my love is strong
with somebody who loves me
it's friday, i'm in love
might as well face it, you're addicted to love
sometimes all i need is the air that i breed and to love you
what can i do to make you love me?
i no longer love your hands
i no longer love your face *
i no longer love the colour of your sweater
that's the way my love goes
live a little, love a little
darling, i love you
love me tender
i look at you all see the love there that's sleeping
i don't know why nobody told you how to unfold your love
somewhere in her smile she knows that i don't need no other lover
love is suicide
love me till the wheels come off
where's the love
could you be loved?
i wanna love you
some kinda love
when a man loves a woman
you hot legs, your love potion
i need somebody to love
i want somebody to love
nobody ever loved me like she does
i'm in love for the first time
it's a love that lasts forever
it's a love that had no past
i want a love that's right but right is only half of what's wrong
love will find a way - if we want it to
i love her all the time
don't take your love away from me
the meaning of love
who do you love