Tuesday, May 02, 2006

no rock #1

and the colored girls go...

Hi... Hello?... Is the microphone working? This next song... Ah, you know this
next song. This next song is about a guy driving down the motorway with the car
radio blasting at full volume, and... You know, he stops at a petrol station and
walks into the shop, and then there's these three girls there, you know, these
really cute girls, and the guy, the guy starts feeling weird, so he goes to the
toilet... Ever been in the toilet of a petrol station? Yeah? Well, the guy stays
there like, forever, and when she gets out everything's changed, the girls are
gone, and, you know, she just starts walking down the motorway, the stilletoes
going tic toc tic toc tic toc, and the boa fucsia waving, tic toc tic toc, and
she's humming this song, you know, about a guy driving down the motorway in that
killer car thinking he's the cat's mieauw, and he stops at a petrol station, and
in the small shop there he sees these three colour girls that look kind of
foreign, and then the whole shop starts turning around him, so he like runs to
the toilets, just imagine how bad you have to feel to enter the toilet in a
petrol station, and he like stays there for a long, long time, and then once
outside evrything's changed and the girls are gone and

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