Sunday, August 20, 2006

august 17, 2006 5:06PM

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Clifford Duffy said...

the answer phone it`s called in Ireland , and england. what exactly is an answering machine, in contrast to an answering service, or a bell electronic message retrieval thing, a machine between? the prob. with electronic digital answering systems is that they preclude the fun initiated by the older answering machines, or the party line, and the digital sinks, or rather cuts out the play of voices, the back and forth. Lose a bell password and yer doomed. star 69 how odd a number bell used for ``call return" . But bell was not being odd merely perverse returning the call of someone who`s not left a message is sexual, a sort of inverted 8 figure mouth to genital in the phone cabinet!
digital blankets, a friend of mine is fond of saying, high speed gives him no time; thats the sort of witticism Arthur Lipsett was fond of. stages of technical change and innovation more or less erotic aura .whereas your answering machine speaks with a human voice, or tucked away inside a desiring-machine in its technical parts... an answering machine is a flux then when it becomes over desire talks, and desire speech... flux and break of the moment.. .cheers to Mick`s answering-machine_service.