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MKD Software - Pinki

MKD Software - Pinki

What is Pinki?
Pinki is a menu bar item that creates permanent Mac OS X icon thumbnails for image files based on their image content. For example, if you download the images "34-234.jpg", "563-641.jpg", and "moose.png" using your web browser, and the file icons are generic "JPEG" and "PNG" icons, you have three choices if you wish them to have custom thumbnail icons:

1) Open each image in Preview, use the 'File->Copy' menu, close the image, Get Info on the file in the Finder, highlight its icon in the info box, and use the 'File->Paste' menu.

2) Navigate in a Finder window to the folder where the image file is located, select the 'View -> View Options' menu, then click the box labled 'Show Icon Preview'. (The downfall to this is that each time you open the folder your computer will have to re-read the files and assign custom icons to them, which can take a lot of processor power and memory, and can even slow new computers down quite a bit. In addition, when you use the "Show Icon Preview" option the custom thumbnail icon data isn't actually saved inside of the image file itself - if you move the file to a different folder or copy it to a different computer the custom thumbnail will disappear.

3) Simply select (highlight) the three files all at once in the Finder and select "Create Thumbnail(s)" from the Pinki menu item (or to make it even simpler, just hit Command-Shift-T all at once on your keyboard after selecting the files).

Pinki will open a small window in the center of the screen with a progress bar and a picture of the image it's currently processing (each thumbnail g generally only takes a fraction of a second to create.)

The selected files will now have permanent icon thumbnails that never have to be re-processed. Pinki can also remove custom thumbnails (restoring icons to their generic state) as well as save thumbnails as separate .icns files.

New in Vesion 1.1.1
- Universal binary for Intel Macs

New in Vesion 1.1
- Customizable hot keys
- Restored compatibility with 10.2.x and 10.3.x
- No longer uses NSWorkspace's setIcon:forFile under 10.4 - back to IconFamily
- Improved status window behavior
- Improved memory management and stability
- Other minor changes and improvements

System Requirements
- Mac OS 10.3 or later

Technical Support
If you have a technical question about Pinki, or you're having a problem, please visit the technical support page. If you continue to have trouble, please email support.

Version 1.1.1, 396 KB,

Supported Image Formats


Graphics Interchange Format

Portable Network Graphic

JPEG 2000




Adobe Photoshop Image


Quicktime Image

Apple Icon Image

Window Bitmap Image

...and many more...

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