Saturday, August 26, 2006

this morning report

This morning Mister Yoko Ono woke her soap it was pleached.
Then when mommy only wanted a hand in the snow
she pulps the heart of the matter Lady Madonna
in a sack 1969 Mommy's only looking for a hand in the show
her word stretch is stellar diction conviction
to her raring commodities
neck-to-neck Paris the car
We spoke all night of microdots and plain orchid sins
afterward splish-splash she was my oracular wish
we sip cool soda fountains
who has seen the wind rice and milk
rice silk and kimono cloth
on the bus from Tetley we drank winkin’ at the birds. This bird has flown, she said, this borrowed ‘as flown’.

My aunt put her glasses on the table leaning forward toward
My self younger than you, her ‘heaving breast’ and nipples
Did me no good, but the story had been telled, we was
Released for further hectic adventures

Flux report 1971


Sheila Murphy said...

this is brilliant, Mr. D! Sheila E

Clifford Duffy said...

Thank you very much, Sheila E.