Sunday, September 24, 2006

Born Bethlehem Bust!

_________________________________Ladies and gender men!
The first Pregnant Man tomato
In hysteron!
Thank yer gods of flux and fluck

O parthogenetic males now birth the babies
Of yabbbies and yore One tomato Two tomato
Three tomato four five tomato six tomato
Seven tomato eight!

Slipping past the rhyme
We arrive at 9 for 69 & the hush by baby
Of fertile bodies of men mothers

Gnostic lovers
O Pope of Lady Lanky

Our piroutte priestess
Bowing afore thee!!
Adore thee!!!


The woman born without a tomato
Discalces Picabia’s

Daughter Born sans Mama!
O Athena Flux-eyed goddess of the Seal!
& Peel


Gratuitous Potato peeler added [swivel style]

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