Thursday, September 28, 2006

King Potatoe yams Queen Tomate

She say potato
I say tomatoe
She say pootatee
I say toomateee
one can say make whoopee
with the 'taties & the 'maties!

Is orange green or orangutan yellow?
is dive stay s till or gorilla mozilla?
is paste waste or caste chaste??
when one make three r fur make metaphur?
ortomatoes covents ! spash of sauce 'bhaspheggti?'

bog of brown field unpeeled_ famine clapped
the thunder field Tomate from far off
Rome was never so chosen as it roam
over famished farmer's fields so bold
eye of green and red of obscene
what lankscapes of Nolde lie untold!

in 1962 as i sat weepin' a t the feet of Arp & Arptoe
me knew dere was gold in the old

arps says ta' Aunt Matha now that boy is an artist
she sent me to fraunce where i study
da art of fixin' paint and when of a sudden
i was in the midst of the student 68
she said twas time for me to 'apprendre' le 69!

Aunt was awicked woman!
she was a potatoe farmer in ole' Indiana
with brown weeds for breakfast
and farmers for paramour!

declensing her verbs she was nouned a bridge
with pound & chaff wheat & flour
her pinky rage was red as the read flag of communism!
she railed & reeled her knickabocker days
sobbing Cockles and Tomatoes
Potatoes and Mussels ali-ali-lo!

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