Sunday, September 24, 2006

road camera fluxus

Update: This involved painted cardboard panels taken to the site. Looking at it now I needed larger panels but as it turned out it was all I could do to hold what I had in the truck-wash at roadside.

That white blur at the top of the sign here is me. I had a cell phone and when the camera tripped my accomplice back at base (aka my wife) said that it looked kinda small.

I moved closer, dug the edges into the gravel and ducked into the ditch just behind the sign. A bit better but still a little small. (The resolution of the traffic cam causes the cardboard to look mostly like the grey of the gravel.)

This is a shot of the panels I was using (and an example of the wind-wash culprits -- also, REALLY noisy on a cell phone).
The traffic cam is actually across a small road that is a favorite of bike riders (quite a few out today). Nobody stopped to ask what I was doing but there might be more than one googling 'fluxus' this evening.


ptomaine said...

I could use some information with this. From top two pictures it looks like "FLUXUS" has been printed on the side of a curb on the entrance ramp leading to a highway. The bottom photo, however, doesn't look like it is connected to the top two photos other than having "FLUXUS" printed on a series of cardboard sections. At first I thought maybe the lower photo showed a template or stencil used to make the "FLUXUS" name in the upper two photos, but that doesn't seem to be the case. More info?

jn said...

Added a few more details. Thanks for asking.

ptomaine said...

thanks for explnation and additional pictures. very nice project.