Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Let Nothing Stir" by Karen Eliot (364)

every day we have to face, writing
versus eating, the spacing of the
letters, some thin thing, write
right thru the paper, at here dot,
refuse to cash, twenty spot,
a wad of stamps, despot the
floor, concrete shelter, hand
desire, ghost reader, stop words,
cool egg head, unjuried, did
however come in the mail,
circolo nanook, the wad, call
it consider it, let nothing stir,
wear your money, actual color,
better mark late than never, how
could you be in that situation
without, the eye tree, we can’t
quite see what we are seeing,
it’s just a root vegetable, try
some buy some, raise head, one
will never, replace with, what
makes them stand up like that,
dissidend, la belle laideur,

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