Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fluxus Time Release Capsule: Good for Nothing

take one capsule every eight hours as required

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


another fluxus free zone by Allan Revich

Yoko Ono Cut Piece Video

I found this video, thought of sharing...

kickout kickout kickout kickout kickout

does not
exactly equal nothing

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dream Storm

Dream Storm, a fluxus image with text by Allan Revich

and flicks flux dah

yes and Aunt Matha had had an affaIr with some fella who knew Tzara's son Christopher, the physicist. is that you spell it? so, anyhow, aunt Matha who was my grandma's sister, who was a gal worked at Zigfield folly's brought us to Paris, she had been a scandal gal when she was there in the 30's caught in some torrid love melodrama with the family and friends of the above named poet, T.T. Well, that same fellahin later was crucial to Flux & scandal has it he was my Pop. But when I got born, turns out I was not human, but a mere flux of the becomings native natal narrative crisp as Rice Krispies and popsicles. what can ya do? I never went to no illiteratre school so I was a hungry girl till I met flux again In Paris sometime in the years when Guy Debord was doing his thing. Ya know, letters and all, psychogeography and so o.n. I went to school at Vincennes and learned from professors Deleuze and Lacan and others all about Immancence and flow and then became a girl.

I was born to blow
& flow


fluxist cow house