Friday, June 02, 2006

Jackson Pollocky

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Complete Nothing Maxims

38 Daily Nothings

April 24, 2006: Nothing is better than something empty
April 25, 2006: Nothing looks good on some people
April 26, 2006: Nothing adventured, nothing regained
April 27, 2006: Some things don’t mean nothing
April 28, 2006: Nothing really matters to me
April 29, 2006: At least this is better than nothing
April 30, 2006: Nothing is more frightening than a tidy life
May 1, 2006: Nothing matters more than this
May 2, 2006: Nothing matters
May 3, 2006: Nothing is worth fighting for
May 4, 2006: Nihilists believe in nothing
May 5, 2006: Nothing lives forever
May 6, 2006: Sometimes a cigar means nothing
May 7, 2006: There is nothing in a void but a void is more than nothing
May 8, 2006: Nothing compares to ewe
May 9, 2006: It’s not always easy to have nothing to say
May 10, 2006: Nothing, nothing, all day long
May 11, 2006: Nothing runs like a dear
May 12, 2006: Nothing is as important as it seems to be
May 13, 2006: Nothing succeeds like excess, nothing sucks ass like success
May 14, 2006: Those who ask for nothing are seldom disappointed
May 15, 2006: Nothing is as nothing does
May 16, 2006: There is no thing in nothing but nothing is something
May 17, 2006: There is nothing to anything anymore
May 18, 2006: There is nothing on the horizon and nothing under the sun
May 19, 2006: I’m a lucky guy; I’ve got nothing going for me
May 20, 2006: There's nothing quite like the mental image of two chimps in tuxedos fighting over nothing
May 21, 2006: Nothing never happens
May 22, 2006: Nothing says "I love you" like angel's breath
May 23, 2006: Nothing costs more than you think
May 24, 2006: I’m living for nothing now
May 25, 2006: Who has nothing but has something or else what?
May 26, 2006: Nothing does not exist in a vacuum
May 27, 2006: Nothing vexed, nothing gamed
May 28, 2006: Nothing can bother some people less
May 29, 2006: It began by saying nothing and it ended by having nothing to say
May 30, 2006: Just say nothing
May 31, 2006: N o t h i n g

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

There will be talk , performances , rare videos from Allan's archive ,music(pieces by John Cage and La Monte Young) , and fine food all celebrating the life of Allan Kaprow. Amongst those doing one thing or another include; Linda Montano,David Antin,Eleanor Antin,Jerry Rothenberg,Suzanne Lacy,Pauline Oliveros,Charles Curtis, Janos Neygesey,Natalie Jeremijenko,Sheldon Nodelman,Ricardo Dominquez, Emiko RenÈ Lewis-Sanchez & Simone Forte .

Telephone piece

  1. Make a telephone call.
  2. Either while waiting to speak to the person you wish to speak to, or while speaking to them, write down the first word that occurs to you as a result of what you hear on the other end of the telephone line.
The example above was my reaction to some very loud hold music.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Choice?


China Calls

Red Circle with Nothing in it - China Calls - Allan Revich

its nuthing to me & nuthing to you

nothin doing doing nothing nothing doin
doin nothing nothin nutthin'
nutthing doing doing doing doing doing
nothing nothing nutthin' doing doing nutthin
nothing nothing nothing nothing
nothing its doing doing doing doing
doing nothing not
a thing not a thing not a thing
knot a thing knot a thing knot a thing not a thing
doing doing knot knot knot a thing knot
nothing thinking thinking nothing knot doing nothing
thinking of gysin burrs

thee words have come to set you free
set you free thee words
cut across
repetition repetition doing nothing
knot a thing repetition doing nothing

take that. nutthing: nutthing: nutthing to nun:

to nothing against nutthing. against 5. to one

equals: nothing in yer nothing in yer nothings: pants nothing

Kathy Acker & Radio Genet call'd that intuitive.

Radio Deleuze named it deterritorialized .

She called it, sexy.


she call'd it flick

he flack

she fluck

he floc

she flak

he flec

she f-ck

he etc.



no more nothing in yer pinky panpoom!

Zen stacker

weirders to her flow-flux

time of the moon ~ .