Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photobooth Performances Call

 Participate in the next photobooth book. Mail in four photobooth style photos in a strip with dialogue bubbles documenting a photobooth performance by November 30th, 2011 to: PhotoBooth Book, PO Box 1424, Jupiter, FL 33468  For quality control, no electronic submissions please - original photobooth or photobooth like photos only - no copies! No returns. Future exhibitions to be announced to participants. Be sure to use the prescribed format - photobooth  style imagery and include dialog bubbles..Go solo or get friends to perform with you!

If no photobooths in your area make imagery to simulate photobooth photos. Some phones have apps for this and there is software free that does this too to photos you have. Cut and paste works too as long as I don't have to do more than scan, adjust contrast and clarity to photos, add frames and bubble text in PhotoShop it should be a go. FYI everything will be in black and white.

To understand the format fully see a preview of book pages at the Lulu link  allowing slight delay time in preview. (The prescribed format files are at the Behind the Scene blog and are downloadable from there too,) You can send in as many performances as you want but I can only guarantee space for one submission at this time.

Participants will be able to get a copy of the next book as a free PDF download or print copies at wholesale. Updates and announcements will be made on this blog and Facebook.

Sample submissions from Bruno and Buz below provided the photos and message bubbles in a mockup or sketch as requested. FYI: I will do the layout/digital work. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fluxus Europe made in Greece

"Fluxus Europe made in Greece" visual mourning poem by Litsa Spathi