Saturday, August 05, 2006

Take a Pill

Fluxus Pills by A Revich

Señor Extraño plays 'Pavane for Fluxus'

Eminent organist and composer, Señor Absurdo X. Extraño debuts his latest work "Pavane for Fluxus" No doubt inspired by his lifelong devotion and unswerving support for this art movement.

Nothing to wave at

Reid Fish Can

Full of Fluxus Goodness !

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

ü pipe

jüst a crazy pipe dream.

ü recovery

red circle, dog, binoculars, no pipe... ü

ü dog

keep up

ü missionary

no red circle, no pipe, no nothing.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Red Circles in the Watermelon Park

Red Circles in the Watermelon Park

Litsa Spathi receives Fluxus-Booklet from Jon Hendricks

For Allen Bukoff

(Alan wondered about wether John Hendricks makes Fluxus works or not)

Alan, you wrote in one of your comments that you would like to see the content of the mail I received from Jon Hendricks. To make it complete I published all the visuals on the Fluxus Heidelberg Center BLOG, and there you can see them. The small note that came with the booklet is shown beneath as well.

Link to visuals under the note.

With best wishes,

Litsa Spathi

For all details of this booklet, just folow the link at:

note with booklet:

inside the booklet

envelope that contained the booklet

backside postcard

frontside postcard

Monday, July 31, 2006


Some Factors are not to be neglected.

(c) 2006 Photo by Ruud Janssen taken at "Tilburgse Kermis", July 28th.


Yeah Yeah Yeah,
The X-zone is here here here.
Yeah Yeah here.

(c) 2006 Photo by Litsa Spathi, taken at the "Tilburgse Kermis", July 28th.

It is either one or the other

A day in the life of a Fluxus artist 3

The Hawaiian Fluxus group is meeting today so I must woken early to iron my grass shorts and find my multi-coloured shirt with pictures of amoeba and crystals. I fling open the Wui Wui and take a deep breathing with a wonderful view of the cement factory at Tui Tui beyond the crashing waves of Hui Hui beach. Already the surfing dudes are gathered, greasing their boards and singing softly the Kui Kui song beloved of the islanders, which goes-

"Kui Kui maka puoy pouy,
Hoi Hoi waka noo noo
Kui Kui taka gooey gooey
Foi Foi naka poo poo"

Then they race into the surf and paddle out to the upturned dredger and fling Pui Pui seeds at the passing cruise ships.
After breakfast of Coi Coi on toast and a jug of Thrimptons Olde Hu Hu milk I take the tram to the top of Mui Mui Mountain to meet with my Fluxus chums and here we pray to the Watermelon God for a successful meeting and for Hoy Mui Chui, the sunshine spirit of the fig to come and dance around our faces. We spit the pips of joy into the bucket of hope and sing the Fluxus Greeting Song which goes like this -

"Fui Fui naka puoy pouy,
Noi Noi jaka poo poo
Fui Fui waka noo noo
Kui Kui maka goey goey"

After lunch of banana, fig and apricot pie we spend the afternoon in solitary confinement and meditation.

The evenings are filled with laughter and games like Pushing the Melon Pip and Ka Ka Squatting , which is a bit like Edam Squatting but using the local cheese made from badger milk.
Exhausted by the days events I collapse into my Wui Wui and dream of being chased by a giant watermelon pip wearing a trilby and smoking a pipe.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

wduv kaje: Top Secret Fluxus

wduv kaje at NASA

Other guidelines

Fluxus Heidelberg

Hello to all. The Fluxus Heidelberg Center is here now too......

Best wishes from

Litsa Spathi & Ruud Janssen