Saturday, September 16, 2006

New positions in the Tomato-war

The new defence position of the Tomato-Army.

(thanks for the advice Allan!)

First drills

The first drills of my army. They were forced to make a formation: Red circle with nothing in it.

My first soldiers

The first soldiers of my small army of tomatoes. Red circles with something in it!

Stolen Tomato

...nothing in Ohio? Sorry, Allan,but my wonderful-beautiful tomato has been stolen. Reason enough to start the first world tomato-war...

Friday, September 15, 2006

flux, strange currency, the price Posted by Picasa
went up, big copy, trance dancing,
hugh’s corny english, don the van
daily, four cents’ worth, draw
a blank allusion, disculpe, on
continued gravitational
attraction, a radiological
weapon, bit-perfect copies,
copy-protection technologies,
trance da nubia, trance
vampire, a red-alert reader,
a thousand leaves, death
throws the pen, proximitate,
claim ownership?, further
defacing, perft, one nothing,
imagine the sun, inside
the mind, image event, trike
time, art down, as they came
in, nothing exploded, main-
tain your identity, how do
you work, edible time, the
trike we left behind, aevent,
display font, attack toget-
her, one hot not, the world is
there, sun eye god, imaginary
hat, trance love, half text,
this needs art, machine
letter, grey mud, illeagual,
metal stamping, room for ears,
room for eyes, let’s go on
a trip, boring web cam, new
gladiators, caught up in,
configuration files, stare
at the hourglass icon, your
desktop, en, matcli, messen,

more other

man wearing new fluxus symbol set 1b

Click here for more information about this set of badges.
Click here to learn how to make your own laminated pins and badges.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

a red circle with nothing in it

a red circle (tomato) with nothing in for Litsa and Ruud by Allan Revich by this is where I went to find a red circle with nothing in it for Litsa and Ruud

The Children Played

a red circle with nothing in it

Red circle with something in it (the other side)

This is the other side of the tomato. Where did you go to to find this tomato?

Nothing in Ohio


Red circle with something in it.

ptomaine was very fast with his balsamico salat. I just found the first red circle to start with. Where do you go to my lovely to find such wonderful tomatoes?.........

death of a hemale

Deaded~~ 14-Sep-1321

I'm male too.

he 's male too.
he's male two.
two male.
too male
too mail
two male

permute varianta.
machine not speed of re-verse
lingo. patois.idiolect
combines the narr
ate crank

I'm mail too and femail first.

from shemail and the ghost of kathy acker
I'm male too.

now recall a shemale
is not identical
to a transgender
drag queen or
the body of
dead ghost
gygabyte ghost
digital drag
take neuromancer's


on the telephone Paris; Jean Genet friend of Aunt Matha ,
go figure
comes over says to Bowie
what is this shit? shite you mean
reply my aunty she gotta a vagina in a bowl there,
not he queer man, but shimble man,
hupstake of

yeap. phonesema man. man? man?
come man man


to cross lip

[now perceive cross hip
program knot

Is adore a door
a door

dyed~~ 14-Sep-1927

stereotypical consultant

At base level, this just comes down to dot-com transitional paradigm shifts.
The consultants recommend total strategic matrix approaches.

You really can't fail with remote third-generation consulting.
You really can't fail with quality reciprocal consulting.
You really can't fail with holistic transitional concepts.

Our exploratory research points to total monitored mobility.
The solution can only be parallel reciprocal innovation.

You really can't fail with remote third-generation consulting.
You really can't fail with quality reciprocal consulting.
You really can't fail with holistic transitional concepts.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reginald Perky Bird (Theme)

From the Fake Record Group pool and project at Flickr. Music by Monocassette. Collage by A.1. Waste Paper Co. Ltd.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Nobody Goes Nowhere on 9/11

Video made by Litsa Spathi on 9/11. Published by the FLuxus Heidelberg Center.

Basil Rathbone (link)

New Fluxus Symbol Set 1B printed on squares of magnet paper. Arranged by Janice Putman.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

dig fluxers esstheticica

Process Aesthetics, Eternal Networks,
Ready-Made Everyday Actions, and Other
Potentially Dangerous

found here at


... point that I want very much to establish is that the choice of these "ready-mades" was never dictated by aesthetic delectation. The choice was based on a reaction of visual indifference with a total absence of good or bad taste in fact a complete anesthesia.

[too much eYe candy in this ole'world] [UncleSelavie]

... the danger of repeating indiscriminately this form of expression and decided to limit the production of "ready-mades" to a small number yearly. [yearly ready-made Limited inc.]...was aware at that time that, for the spectator even more than for the artist, art is a 'habit-forming drug'
[think of that poem by Tzara where he says the poet is a pharmacist; derrida's work on plato's pharmakon_ word as drug_forgetfulness of memory]and I wanted to protect my "ready-mades" against such contamination ... .. Marcel Duchamp

"In "An Introduction to Dada" originally published as an insert to Robert Motherwell's influential 1951 edition of The Dada Painters and Poets, Tristan Tzara presents a number of statements on the interrelationship posed between art and life that coincide, to an uncanny extent, with Robert Filliou's 1963 definition of the "Eternal Network." Tzara insists that participants in Dada "had repudiated all distinction between life and poetry" [2] and had determined that "the real aim of art (was) integration with the present-day world." [3] Although this posteriori reflection is specific to the actions of a World War I era avant-garde, it further corresponds to myriad mid-century artistic strategies that revolved around the so called "art/life dichotomy" including the environments and happenings of Allan Kaprow, the correspondence networks of Ray Johnson, Fluxus, the Nouveaux Réalistes, and Arte Povera. Furthermore, an expanding community of contemporary artists continues to rally around a banner dedicated to the inseparableness of art and life. Tzara explained that participants in Dada sought to integrate art with their present day world because "it seemed to us that literature and art had become institutions located on the margin of life." [4] However, despite the Dadaists' (and the Surrealists') attempts to dissolve distinctions between life and poetry, the institution of art's position within life did not shift closer to center. The proposed marriage lacked prerequisite reciprocity. Life, after all, did not ask to be integrated with art. "

he ... did a somewhat different version of this posting

Tristan Tzara ~ my mother
& married to Doctor Dread
gave birthday to Doctor Duffy
or the kabalistic googoos
was yarned by wool
& chalked by cools
which is a funky dunky rhyme
Her uncle was Hans arp
of fame & Fortune
but didnt die of a psyco-geography attack
as did Rene not Descaret, you know
not Duchamp, Dubord!
the one that blew his brains
out in 1994!
My god! now that was a scandal!
the poor fella sticking a pistil in his mouth like that!

Contra the above
statements my father,
or my father by contagion
who art in heaven
Jean Genet
did not at all see it this
way &
never "bought" the idear.

that ar t an
life are one

Visiting her majesty Queen Beatrix

On the search for Tomatoes, basilicum and Mozzarella, Litsa Spathi went by the palast of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Who knows her majesty might be of some help for this unique performance. Because of dutch law the conversation can't be published on this blog though.

(photo by Ruud Janssen)

a loose association of related fluids

a loose association of related fluids by Allan Revich, 2006

Walk on dutch wooden shoes - size 70

Litsa Spathi walked on large dutch wooden shoes in Amsterdam. A dutch fluxus performance that caused some painfull feet.....

photo by Ruud Janssen

Another story for Ptomaine

In Amsterdam Litsa Spathi found the Basilicum for our Fluxus Salat. This happened today on September 10th 2006. We are still looking for the tomatoes and the Mozzarella for ptomaine

(photo by Ruud Janssen)