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the none death

Jean Baudrillard meetings Marshall

I ever tell you the spin Marshall did on Heraclitus's You can't step
in the same river twice?

Marshall M... an says

You can't step in the same river onc..............

That's us, that's our time, you can t step in the real once cause it's
reel to reel and.. from there you gotta move out of the simulacra to
the real ....

Goodbye Mister Baudrillard . No one read yer books, they was too
dense. As nuclear water! Remember once Paris, reading book,
Baudrillard, train , women flash, scent of spring, I wake up hour
later, in Cerisy, no book, book gone, flow of time, supreme simulacra
of gone ..........
the ReEl (to) ReAl BaudRillArd was a SimuLacra not a body which
passed its moleculed earth bound state last week.. If the Gulf War
didnt take place well why would have Baudrillard's nonliteral death?

Danger Muff

Now called "Concrete Poetry" No. 9

Berlin Fandango

Hazel shot the footage and trouserage and Archie did the soundtrack. I merely fluffed it all up with a big whisk!
hey presto!

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Some Lovely Posts

This is a comment for the last few posts.



yer nose

yu must not break yer nose
yer nose
yer nose
its panic panic panic
how it cut toe
nape & shore

yu t'ink you've a name?
to exagerrate by?
some flappery
drapery in the wind

she hurry to flux ville finding fou a delire.





aboulie"for the futurIst desire is War: fouism is programmatic

A brief history of FLUXUS Midwest (with X-Ray Specs)

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