Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pink Reality # 22

In reality this is an alternative reality

Nothing But A Virtual Reality for Litsa Spathi

Pink Reality #1

In reality this is not a red circle but a pink one.

(c) 2006 Fluxus Collage by Litsa Spathi.

Friday, September 29, 2006

A No Time Like the Present List

1 No time like the present

2 No time like the present

3 No time like the present

4 No time like the present

5 No time like the present

6 No time like the present

7 No time like the present

8 No time like the present

9 No time like the present

10 No time like the present

11 No time like the present

potaote peace delegation 'heads' to paris

potatoe peace delegation heads to paris.
offering 'traditional potatoe soup.'
combines with tomatoe soup Campbell a la Warhol.

soup a la jour potatoetomatoe

Thursday, September 28, 2006

King Potatoe yams Queen Tomate

She say potato
I say tomatoe
She say pootatee
I say toomateee
one can say make whoopee
with the 'taties & the 'maties!

Is orange green or orangutan yellow?
is dive stay s till or gorilla mozilla?
is paste waste or caste chaste??
when one make three r fur make metaphur?
ortomatoes covents ! spash of sauce 'bhaspheggti?'

bog of brown field unpeeled_ famine clapped
the thunder field Tomate from far off
Rome was never so chosen as it roam
over famished farmer's fields so bold
eye of green and red of obscene
what lankscapes of Nolde lie untold!

in 1962 as i sat weepin' a t the feet of Arp & Arptoe
me knew dere was gold in the old

arps says ta' Aunt Matha now that boy is an artist
she sent me to fraunce where i study
da art of fixin' paint and when of a sudden
i was in the midst of the student 68
she said twas time for me to 'apprendre' le 69!

Aunt was awicked woman!
she was a potatoe farmer in ole' Indiana
with brown weeds for breakfast
and farmers for paramour!

declensing her verbs she was nouned a bridge
with pound & chaff wheat & flour
her pinky rage was red as the read flag of communism!
she railed & reeled her knickabocker days
sobbing Cockles and Tomatoes
Potatoes and Mussels ali-ali-lo!

"Let Nothing Stir" by Karen Eliot (364)

every day we have to face, writing
versus eating, the spacing of the
letters, some thin thing, write
right thru the paper, at here dot,
refuse to cash, twenty spot,
a wad of stamps, despot the
floor, concrete shelter, hand
desire, ghost reader, stop words,
cool egg head, unjuried, did
however come in the mail,
circolo nanook, the wad, call
it consider it, let nothing stir,
wear your money, actual color,
better mark late than never, how
could you be in that situation
without, the eye tree, we can’t
quite see what we are seeing,
it’s just a root vegetable, try
some buy some, raise head, one
will never, replace with, what
makes them stand up like that,
dissidend, la belle laideur,

Nothing but red for Allan

A red circle for Allan Revich - A fluxus collage by Litsa Spathi.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All About George

a visual poem for george maciunas and alan bowman from fluxfriend red circle revich


Created New Post
Gave the Post a Six Four Word Title
Uploaded Picture
Wrote Seven Line Text Containing at Least
One One-liner Like: Prehende uxorem meam, sis!
Published Post

Tomato Congress

This congress is held in Breda, Netherlands, to formulate an advice for Litsa Spathi. She will be travelling to the Oracle of Delphi in Greece soon, where she hopes to ask the right question. What will be the answer of the Oracle about the Tomato War?

Amazon King comes with Troops

Medical Proof! Tomato warrior have infected sheep's penises. Antibiotics needed.Tomato warriors have now infected sheep penises.
Antibiotics needed.


..typical for the Patatoe-man is that he is allergic for Tomatoes. You can see this specifically by his teeth and mouth. Now we are sitting and wating. What will the Fluxus Queen do...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

AmaZon Queen Tribu[n]te

knowS no OraCle


telegram: Delphi to FOrpheus: tomato

refused: potatoe fuse with tomato

breed: montomato



The Oracle knows the answer.
Soon Litsa Spathi will fly with Olympic to Greece to ask the Oracle of Delphi wether she should end this Tomato War or not...


She is received at Delphi: come to my room:
sees red range of tomato cube
arranges filter for EyEs

gathers cloud over
rivering high
is that it?
she seek the god of Tomato?
or Paste its thumb
hight in Potatoe truths of thumb?


the tryst of the two maketh one potatoe twopotatoe three
tomate tryst

(c) 2006 by Google

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fascist Boat

Take a boat into a sea because there are no laws that govern the seas.
Row the boat with an axe because a man who wrote a flier said that trees are fascists.
Scatter twigs throughout the boat because a man on the radio called gays 'fascists'.
Let the boat drift to nowhere because someone thinks that undetermined paths are paramount to or cause fascism.

The Oracle knows the answer.

Soon Litsa Spathi will fly with Olympic to Greece to ask the Oracle of Delphi wether she should end this Tomato War or not...

Growing new troops

Growing new troops in the garden. It is so easy to create the largest army of tomatoes.

gr. eat mihali


tomato war is hell

Back To Dashboard

Flux Joke

Amazon Queen comes with her Troops

(c) 2006 Fluxus Collage by Litsa Spathi

Reserve Troops worldwide

Google ketches up on the Tomato war - Part 2

More Tomato Troops on the way

Tomatoes rest after another battle. Ruud talks to them to give them moral support.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Potatoe Popes callSs foRPoetatoes for Peace among Peas

potatoes united in their stand against tomatoe potpourri
no more paste to rule the

world wid conflict and gore!
United Potatoes Secretary general calls

for Potatoe
soup to be served

at All UpCOming ConFerEnces
ConCerning Recent Conflict

Poetatoe Resolution PasseD!

Potatoe TaveZe Compares Tomatoe Confli ct
to the DeBil !!

BangiNg Fist on PodiUm

Smells like SulpHur here!
What monstrosity of TOmatoe


pototoes democratic call for all
rhizome, tuber,and lateral legumes
to rebel!
in finefeckled fashioN!










the produce!!

the secret interlacing of tomates et patates

alors on voir

que une solution

est le danse

des patates


les tomates suivrons!

Google Advises Europe to Surrender

Less Than Nothing


Google catches up in the TOMATO WAR

The Fluxus Heidelberg Center is closely watching how the war develops. We will publish a booklet about the TOMATO WAR. Only when the peace has been signed - 68k - 23 sept 2006 - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Video made by Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen as a result of the start of the first World-Tomato-war in Fluxus. Integrates fluxus Poetry by Litsa Spathi with - 52k - 23 sept 2006 - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Video made as a result of the start of the first World-Tomato-war in Fluxus. Integrates fluxus Poetry by Litsa Spathi with Tomatoes worldwide. - 50k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's[ Meer resultaten van ]
Fluxlist is an internet discussion list for all things Fluxus. ... Reason enough to start the first world tomato-war... - 79k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's
Pomodoro Bolzano's Profile -
The TOMATO War. Thu, September 21, 2006 - 1:32 PM permalink · Alien Tomato Soldier. Thu, September 21, 2006 - 1:06 PM permalink · Fluxus Milagros - 85k - 23 sept 2006 - In cache

road camera fluxus

Update: This involved painted cardboard panels taken to the site. Looking at it now I needed larger panels but as it turned out it was all I could do to hold what I had in the truck-wash at roadside.

That white blur at the top of the sign here is me. I had a cell phone and when the camera tripped my accomplice back at base (aka my wife) said that it looked kinda small.

I moved closer, dug the edges into the gravel and ducked into the ditch just behind the sign. A bit better but still a little small. (The resolution of the traffic cam causes the cardboard to look mostly like the grey of the gravel.)

This is a shot of the panels I was using (and an example of the wind-wash culprits -- also, REALLY noisy on a cell phone).
The traffic cam is actually across a small road that is a favorite of bike riders (quite a few out today). Nobody stopped to ask what I was doing but there might be more than one googling 'fluxus' this evening.

Thank yer gods of flux

(c) 2006 Fluxus Collage by Litsa Spathi

Born Bethlehem Bust!

_________________________________Ladies and gender men!
The first Pregnant Man tomato
In hysteron!
Thank yer gods of flux and fluck

O parthogenetic males now birth the babies
Of yabbbies and yore One tomato Two tomato
Three tomato four five tomato six tomato
Seven tomato eight!

Slipping past the rhyme
We arrive at 9 for 69 & the hush by baby
Of fertile bodies of men mothers

Gnostic lovers
O Pope of Lady Lanky

Our piroutte priestess
Bowing afore thee!!
Adore thee!!!


The woman born without a tomato
Discalces Picabia’s

Daughter Born sans Mama!
O Athena Flux-eyed goddess of the Seal!
& Peel


Gratuitous Potato peeler added [swivel style]

Fluxus Bon Mot

Party-Time for the Cherries - Modern Fluxus Poetry

This video was just released by the Fluxus Heidelberg Center (Litsa Spathi & Ruud Janssen). A party by the cherry-tomatoes. The kids know who will win.

(c) 2006 by FHC

Fluxus Tomato Buttons for Everyone

If you would like to receive a (free) Tomato Button in the mail, please leave your mail address in the comments section. While supplies last.

For more information about these buttons, go here and scroll down.


another red circle with nothing in it by allan revich



Fluxus-Man Pregnant

Litsa Spathi hereby brings proof that fluxus-man can get pregnant. And therefor woman can also be priests and leaders.

'women will neveR be PriestS 'till men can get pregnant...!...'

But just you remember young fella!
a broken tomato's not the same as a broken heart!
no matter how many cuts it has!
possibly even as many as St. Sebastian!

image of
Alison Lapper' Pregnant_ statue of an armless, naked, pregnant woman unveiled in London's Trafalgar Square