Saturday, September 26, 2009

red circle for allan

(snowmobile trail marker? in braceland)

Which names?

Dear Fluxlisters,
Currently I am working on a new project. For this I need the names of 16 Fluxus Artists that will be included in the work. All I need is the name. Who should I include and why should I include this person?
Besides the name I also need a location. Where is the Fluxus Artist located? North, South, East or West?
You can react by sending an e-mail to: with name and direction and the reason WHY you want the name to be included. You can also suggest your own name if you consider yourself to be a Fluxus Artist.
Waiting for your reactions,
Litsa Spathi.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fluxus visible thoughts & fear

"Fluxus visible thoughts & fear"- Fluxus & visual poem by Litsa Spathi

Monday, September 21, 2009

Art Critic John Perreault weighs in on FLUXFEST !!!!!

Item: Fluxfest Waves the Fluxist Flag

Fluxfest at Pierogi's The Boiler (on Sept. 11, with not a mention of 9/11)

had the genuine Fluxus offhandedness and the historically correct disregard for ceremony or performance-niceties such as a printed program. The latter would have allowed the patient audience -- outnumbered by the performers, as is also traditionally Fluxian -- to ascertain authorship, date of creation, and performer.

Thus, 13 or so friendly Fluxians from here and abroad, most of whom had not met before, presented an hour-and-a-half of Fluxus pieces, old and new. For the record, they were listed in WAGMAG, the Brooklyn Art Guide (which I had picked up at 111 High Street) in anti-alphabetical order: Allan Revich, Reid Wood, Mark Block, Christine Tarantino, Carol Starr, Reed Altemus, Tamara Wyndham, Don E. Boyd, Melissa McCarthy, Keith A. Buchholz, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Bradstifter, Mary Campbell, Pronoblem and more!!

Balloons were inflated, water poured from one plastic cup into another in a circle of plastic cups, jellybeans dispersed, toy instruments given out -- as were miniature versions of U.S. tender. Various classic Dada texts were read, including a poem by Louis Aragon called Suicide, which consisted of reciting the alphabet. (It is one of my all-time favorites.) But in another rather anti-Fluxian demonstration, a woman asked if anyone could love her as much as she loved herself. Obviously not. So shopping bag in hand, she stormed out, never to return.

The best was saved for last. The interlocutor, one of five participants wearing black hats, tacked a piece of paper on the wall behind him, then left. Other Fluxians got up, read what was on the piece of paper, and also left. Then members of the audience, myself included, did likewise. I copied what was on the piece of paper: "Word Event/Exit/ George Brecht, 1961."

Critic John Perreault 9/20/09