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Another FluxFest Commemorative Poster

Those attending this event can get a copy from Keith. One of several in my FluxFest series.

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Collage/Assemblage Centennial 1912-2012 CALL FOR WORKS: DEADLINE FEBRUARY 15, 2012. PLEASE REPOST

Pablo Picasso Collage 1912

Collage/Assemblage Centennial 1912-2012



The modern use of collage techniques is consider to have begin in 1912 with works by Pablo Picasso (such as shown). Constructive art as been growing ever since. To celebrate this 100 year anniversary the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction ( would like to invite you to contribute one or more modest sized hand-made collages, assemblages, box assemblages or constructions* representative of your working style for a large (hopefully overwhelming) exhibition that will be held in 2012. A catalog of the exhibition will be created and made available to contributors at actual cost. A PDF version of the catalog will be available to contributors for free.

No Fees, No jury, all works accepted and exhibited, none returned. Your contribution will become an important part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

What is needed.

Please send one or more collages, assemblages, box assemblages or constructions of modest size (you decide what is ‘modest’) that is ready to hang on a wall or exhibit on a pedestal or shelf. Works on paper should be framed if possible or, at a minimum, send in a clear resealable polypropylene bag. Unframed works will be hung together like an installation.

Please send one of the museum’s Deed of Gift forms filled in clearly and a photo of the work. To download a copy see:

On the back or bottom of the work please be sure to include your name and contact information as well as an email address and your website if you have one.

In addition, please send by email:

o Additionally, send a digital (1000-1200 pixels on the long side) of the work by email with description and contact information for the web page that will be created for the exhibition.

o A thoughtful statement expressing your views about collage, assemblage and/or constructive art as a contemporary form of art making and/or discuss the history of this genre and why it is interesting to you. These statements will be part of the catalog. Imagine that you are primarily speaking to the other artists who will be participating.

Send to


* photo montage and digital montage will also be acceptable if printed in high definition/quality on archival material, unique and signed. However, hand made works are preferred.

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nothing to say

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Fluxfest New York City, 2011 - Be there if you can!

Liebeserklärung mit Fluxus

Historic newspaper article from April 25th 1996 (almost 15 years ago) in the Heidelberg Newspaper (Germany) documenting some steps by Litsa Spathi at an exhibition where she presented her work. She donates one of her works to the VHS in Heidelberg (on photo)

Source: Fluxus Heidelberg Center Archive.