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Dreamscape Passions

! x 640

The Bride Stripped Bare (with red circle)

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Portrait of the Artist;
by mazurka

Dissect explosive idolater - Ute is: Quoting bedstead retrorockets iambic millimeters articulately messing bramble - Elude pillowed russeting balkier. The next day brought death and judgement, stirring his soul slowly from its listless despair. The faint glimmer of fear became a terror of spirit as the hoarse voice of the preacher blew death into his soul.

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Red Circle 2

Moon Facts

Charms and Oils


Friday, April 07, 2006

Fluxus on a string

don't have clue

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Scanned two different ways--fisrt of a series made for my dear friend and mentor the great poet visual/sound poet/performer and editor/publisher of Writers Forum Bob Cobbing--during a snowstorm here in Milwaukee--on a plaque amazingly out of the windblown snow--making rubBEing over a xylol-transferred xeroxed image. I'm excited about fluxlist blog & happy we all have new space to be sharing work and ideas--onwo/ards ever! david-bc

Fingerprints: John M Bennet, by Bibiana Padilla Maltos (2005)

John M. Bennet fingerprints at the Georgia State University (2005)

Red Circle

100 Surface Music Events (Reprise)

A Drawing from "100 Surface Music Events #101 - 107" done for Reed but not yet sent!

fb 20003734 front

fb 20003734 front
Originally uploaded by ex posto facto.
Anybody want more of these little bits of networking evidence?



Thursday, April 06, 2006

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Let's honor Allan by continuing to do what we do.


As Seen From Lobsters

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In Memorium - Allan Kaprow

Essay: Dirt and Toothpaste, or, An Approach To the Problem of Being A Self in Modern Life -- Notes on Allan Kaprow

Suse's Contribution

Fluxus & House & Garden & The fine art of summer living & FLUXUS ANTHOLOGY & Suse A.

fb 20006609 (back)

fb 20006609 (back)
Originally uploaded by ex posto facto.
See? here's the back!

Neosho Fluxus Buck 20006600

Test post! Here's a buck by the generously gifted Neosho of Chicago. I'll post the back, too, but I don't know how to do two photos at once...sorry!

Maybe I'm a little silly to be so thrilled, but THIS IS SO COOL!

Watch out! I'm going to figure out how to put Fluxus Bucks up here.
ex posto facto

Aw, what the hell!

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A Lot Of Bottle

Un couple des supports brillamment colorés modernes de clef d'aluminium qui ressemblent aux grimpeurs use..but de crochets a embouti des chaque d'entre eux est. "PAS POUR LE MONTER" a pu avoir PAS POUR MARCHER PAS POUR REPASSER PAS POUR.......... ou peut-être... juste POUR DES CLEFS !


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Cake Radio

Click ginger cookie radio for 160 cake songs!
(Todd Colby / Kenny G @ WFMU)

Test Chimneys

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