Monday, October 22, 2012

Press Release EXHIBITION: Collage/Assemblage Centennial 1912-2012

Greetings all,
Here is the press release that has been sent around the region. Please copy and paste to your blogs and send as a press release with your own image in the exhibition and a short blurb about yourself as a participant in the show, this is newsworthy in your local media with you being a part of it.
If anyone contributed but does not see their name mentioned, please contact me to be sure the work is here and on the blog.

Press Release
EXHIBITION: Collage/Assemblage Centennial 1912-2012
Contact: Cecil Touchon

Over 500 collages and assemblages by artists from 31 countries are on view through May of 2013 at the Archives of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction at 262 Pagosa Street in Pagosa Springs, Colorado USA.

Director Cecil Touchon put out the word starting in early 2010 for artists to contribute works celebrating the 100 year anniversary of modern collage and assemblage art. Hundreds of artists from around the world responded generously to help create this impressive exhibition and to expand the museum's permanent collection of collage and assemblage art.

Collage and assemblage have been around for many centuries and in many forms all over the world. However, in Western culture, once dominated by painting and stone or bronze sculpture, the introduction of collage and assemblage was a radical shift. It is difficult now, with these new mediums having come fully into their own, for us to imagine what a leap it must have been in 1912 to consider disrupting the purity of the dominate mediums by the inclusion of foreign elements.
At the time, in the midst of intense shifts in perception about the world and about the cultural status quo, disruption and disorientation were becoming normal states of mind from which to work. The perception of the world was becoming less solid and more open to endless possibilities while the supremacy of painting was being brought into question by the growth of photography.  This is evidenced quite well in the Analytic Cubist experiments of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, that gave rise to both collage and assemblage.
The spread of collage and assemblage as new mediums deserving of attention by serious artists goes far beyond the mere fact of Picasso and Braque having introduced them. These new ways of working would have remained only an anomaly were it not for a number of other important and simultaneous technological, cultural and political factors.
For our purposes the ubiquity of paper, printing techniques, wide spread literacy, books, magazines, news media, photography, advertising, mass transportation, automobiles, airplanes and the socio-political and cultural shake up epitomized by World War I  are more than sufficient to lead to the growth of collage and assemblage in the European arts communities by the 1920’s and 1930’s regardless of Cubism. In short, we could conjecture that is was an inevitability that collage would have arisen in the 20th century: the century of paper.
Immediately on the heals of Cubism was Futurism in Italy and Dada in Switzerland, Germany and then France. Dada produced Kurt Schwitters who many collage artists regard as the grandfather of collage. Schwitters can be said to have been the first artist to fully embrace collage as an art medium in its own right. His attitude toward found materials and appreciation of their physical characteristics and beauty opened the way to a new aesthetic, one that continues with us today.
An American artist who has been extremely influential on assemblage artists has been Joseph Cornell who was a master of the art of Box Assemblage which is a work of art assembled from various found objects using a box of some sort as a container or ground of the work.
There are many, many other artists whose work in collage and assemblage continue to have a strong influence today and perhaps the greatest masters have yet to be discovered. It is our hope, at the Collage Museum, to help to bring light to the interesting community of collage and assemblage artists and to create, with the help of this community, a unique collection of works in this field for study now and in the future.
Founded in the mid 1990's by collagist Cecil Touchon, the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction is an experiment in how to coordinate with other artists using the internet as the main vessel of communication in order to create exhibitions and other projects. Also how to create an open, inclusionary collecting museum that is cooperative rather than competitive and that educates and inspires through example. Based more on a scientific model of ‘specimen gathering’, the museum collects from across the contemporary field without the filter or influence of galleries, collectors or market values. Literally anyone working in this field can contribute without censure. The Museum depends completely on the generosity of those artists who contribute to it. The museum's collection is intended for study by artists working in the field of collage/assemblage. We invite such artists to occasionally contribute works to the collection to be studied and archived for the future.

The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction ( is one of several wings of a broader museum project: The Ontological Museum. ( Catalog forthcoming.

List of Artists in the Collage/Assemblage Centennial 1912-2012 Exhibition

Adriana Langtry Carreri - Aila Koivisto - Alessandro Munari - Aline Keith - Alison Wells - Anakawa - Andrew Riley Clark - Andrew Topel - Angela Caporaso - Angela Davies - Annette Geistfeld - Anthony Cricchio - Anthony Zinonos - Atanaska Tassart - Bernd Reichert - Berni Stephanus -
Bibianna Padilla Maltos - Bill DiMichele - Blue Haas - Bob Rizzo - Braeden Dillenbeck - Branislava Nikolic - Bransha - Bruno Neiva - Caranovic Predrag - Carlo Maria Giudici - Carlos M. Luis - Carlyle Baker - Carol Jensen - Carol Perroni - Caroline Waite - Carolyn M. Quarnberg - Caule Violeta - Cecil Touchon - Chris Haas - Chris Mulart - Chris Rusak - Christian Gastaldi - Christian Heinrich - Clare Murray Adams - Clarissa Rizal - Claudia Drake - Claudia Kippes Aulita - Connie Jean - Cordula Kagemann - Cory Celaya - Cory Peeke - Costis - D.S.H. Watson - Danial C Boyer - Danial Hartman - Daniel de Culla - Dashiell Wrede - David Baptiste Chirot - David Burton-Richardson - David Dellafiora - David Hickman - David McCullough - Denise Pitchon - Dennis Parlante - Diane Schapira - Dilar Pereira - Donna J. Witten - Donna Merry - Dorthe Grum-Schwensen - Elizabeth Albert - Elizabeth Beckman - Elizabeth Ostrander - Ellen Alt - Emilija Damjanovic- Noris - Eva Eun-Sil Han - Evelyn Eller - Ewan Aparicio - Fallon Wrede - Fenty Puspitasari - Fluxus Laboratories - Frederick B Epistola - Frederick Epistola - Gail D. Whitter - Gary Bibb - Georgie Raulerson - Gerald C. Mead Jr. - Ginny Graves - Goran Petmil - Gregory Steel - Guido Capuano - Gwenn Mayers - Heike Sackmann - Hope Kroll - Isabel Ferreira Alves - Ivan Mavrovic - Jacque Carter Parsley - Jacqueline Doyle Allison - James Seehafer - Jamie Newton - Jane Asari - Jane Peterson - Janice Anderson - Janice Mcdonald - Janine Brown - Janine Nichols - Jasmine Adelshoff - Jeff Norman - Jen Tsui - Jenelle Fleck - Jennifer Kosharek - Jessica Porterfield - Jim Ringley - Jo Murray - Joan Schulze - Joel Lambeth - Joel Schapira - John Andrew Dixon - John Hart - Jon Nelson - Jonathan Johnson - Joseph Moniz - Josie Beszant - Judith Mangiameli - Judith Monroe - Judy Schumann - June Levinson - Jurgen O. Olbrich - K. S. Ernst - Kareem Rizk - Karen Imperial - Karlyn Atkinson Berg - Karon L. Johnson - Kathleen McHugh - Katie Gutierrez - Katrien De Blauwer - Keith Buchholz - Keith Pace - Kelly Gorman - Ken Stalebread Coleman - Kerry Ann Lee - Kristin Reed - Kurtiss Lofstrom - Laila Manieri – Lanny Quarles - Larry Strong - Launa Romoff - Laurie Joan Aron - Lily Hope - Lis Gundlach-Sell - Lisa Temple-Cox - Liz Yates - Lottie Anderson - Lou Anne Hazel - Luc Fierens - Lucio Valerio Pini - Lynne Kroll - Marcela Liliana Mander - Marci Ness - Margaret Suchland - Margueritte - Maria De Lourdes Rabello Villares - Maria Nichita - Marian Savill - Marianne Lettieri - Marianne Midelburg - Marie Kafeero - Marie Leibenguth Stockhill - Marie Stockhill - Marietta Patricia Leis - Marina Bancroft - Mark Lazenby - Mark Tobin Moore - Martin Holm - Marty Gordon - Matt Gonzalez - Matt Taggart - Matthew Rose - Melanie Gaskins - Merry Rozzelle - Michel Della Vedova - Miguel Jimenez - El Taller de Zenon - Mitsuko Brooks - Muhammad Rasfan B. Hj. Abu Bakar - Nerina Cocchi Zecchini - Nicole Opiela - Nikki Soppelsa - Nuria Metzli - Ouida Touchon - Pal Csaba - Pascale Hulin - Patricia Sahertain - Patrick O'Kelly - Paul Russo - Paulo Barros - Pedro Bericat - Pierre-Jean Varet - Randy Burman - Rebecca Swanson - Reed Altemus - Reid Wood - Richard Misiano-Genovese - Risa Schneider - Rob Angus - Robert Mars - Robert McGraw - Robert McKeown - Robert Tucker - Robin Ross - Rosaire.Appel - Ruth Terrill - Saiful Amir - Sandy Styer - Scott Gordon - Seeking Kali Collective - Shahryl Sahee - Silvia Bocca - Some Assembly Required - Sukarma Thareja - Susanne Thing Skene - Suzlee Ibrahim - Suzé Gilbert - Svetlana Pesetskaya - Tamara Wyndham - Tanja Nikolajevic - Theophilus Brown - Thiago Mazucato - Thomas Terceira - Thorsten Sahlin - TICTAC - Todd Bartel - Tok Eng Voon - Tony Romano - Ursula Hudson - V.V.Ramani - Victoria Barvenko - Vladimir Ginzburg - Wen Redmond - Win Straube - Wisnuaji Putu Utama - Wolfgang Faller - Ye Leen Lee - Yus Hamyus bin Hashim - Zach Touchon - Zoran Palurovic