Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Eat A Pizza Fluxus Performance for Litsa Spathi

I am back at my home computer after a grueling trip to New York and Atlanta. The New York Trip was for the occasion of the A Book About Death Event - Unbelievable! It was wonderful and huge. The next night I had to be in Atlanta for a show centered around the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction in which a wall was clustered with collages and box assemblages from the museum's permanent collection and additional works sent for sale by artists in the collection. The show is currently up in Atlanta at the Emily Amy Gallery more about that later...

While in NYC several of us spent a day wandering around Chelsea and eat lunch a Don Giovanni's Restaurant where we performed Litsa Spathi's Eat A Pizza performance piece.

(below: right to left) Keith Buchholz, Reid Wood and his wife, Melissa McCarthy, Cecil Touchon all sporting our anti-paparazzi sun glasses supplied by Melissa.

I then stole one of the plates from the restaurant and drew a fluxface on it with a magic marker and then we all signed the plate, Melissa made an altered postcard.

Afterwards we left the plate and card with a note to the owner that he should mount the plate on the wall as a historical marker noting that we were a troupe of internationally famous performance artists (hence the glasses). We'll see if he does. Please send him a note requesting that the plate be displayed or better yet ask if he would be willing to sell the plate and for how much. (they don't have an email on the webpage.

your letter or fax could read something like:

I understand that a number of internationally famous Fluxus performers did a NYC premiere of Litsa Spathi's piece entitled "Eat A Pizza". I would like to inquire as to whether you have the 'plate' artifact on display at your restaurant as I would like to come to see it. I would also like to inquire as to whether you would be willing to sell the plate and altered postcard and if so, for how much as I would be desirous of acquiring it for my collection. Thank you for hosting this important event, I hope to eat there soon and sit at the same table. How far in advance must I reserve that table?
Kind Regard, etc., etc.

Don Giovanni Ristorante
358 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036-5426
# Phone: (212) 581-4939
# Fax:(212) 471-8026

... - a book about death & Tod...-

... - a book about death & Tod...- visual & fluxus poem by Litsa Spathi

...mourning - a book about death...

...mourning visual & Fluxus poem & book about death... by Litsa Spathi

...mourning - a book about death...

Visual and Fluxus-mourning poem- a book about death...poem by Litsa Spathi


Monday, September 14, 2009