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Mail art call/E.ART

Cultural Association 
“ E.ART “
                 ARTI VARIE

Civitanova Marche - (MC) / Italy


Global garden: “The green in the contemporary world”.
 It is I turn over to 80 European and International countries.


Is it true that the realism is no longer fashionable? It is also true that the realism has nothing to 
do with  the imitation of the reality, if it becomes a personal re-interpretation of what anyone can 
see, but it is necessary to protect the value of the natural patrimony that the man does not stop 
to violate.

The garden reveals its own personality, art and nature has belong to humankind since ever and 
they are our own roots, the most intimate nature of each of us.

Garden have been, throughout the centuries, a pride of civilizations, almost a kind of visit card, 
where political intrigues and timeless love stories intertwined.

In the common imagination, when we talk about gardens, our mind leads us to a place with 
abundant and rich vegetation given by the fertile and joyful earth.

The global garden, at the end, leads us to camouflage the environmental impact in a superficial 
way while we are facing the climatic change. The green embraces the earth, it has been protecting 
us, producing food and giving us shelter.

We must know, comprehend and respect the role of gardens in the human history in order to keep 
the green that protects us.

        Tiziana Todi
("Victoria" Gallery - Roma)


>> (deadline31-decembre -2010)  
To insert kindly on the frontal side of the envelope <
>It regards the realization of an envelope (or more envelopes) 
 -the dimensions cm. 24 x 18 
 -paint- on the facade of the envelope.                                                 
   (the surface to be painted on)                                                        

>Finished the artistic job, one joins:                                                
 -Sender : ............................................................................................                                                                 
 -Adressee-where it is sent: Cultural Association "E.ART"..........
 -the stamp and the postal cancellation.  / Thanks         
>>> For example you see the site: 

>We kindly ask you to write us inside the envelope:
 -your  e-mail address,   -your personal data, 
 -eventually your biography and artistic informations.

>The realized envelope (art of the mail: the sport and the art) 
   are sent with regular mail. 
   (the artists generally insert the realized envelope complete 
   of addresses, of the cancellation-postal stamp/within an other envelope 
   and she is sent for having the certainty that arrives to the destination.)


The realized envelopes will be conserved as patrimony of Association “E.ART” 
and successively  second the several manifestations in course will be exposed 
in Galleries of Art and Museums, of  Rome, Bologna, France etc.
In order to disseminate this type of artistic current and to introduce the authors.

The event will start on april, 10th 2011 in the art gallery of the Association “E.ART” 
in Civitanova Marche (MC), Italy. The inauguration will be at h6:00pm and the event 
will continue until may, 29nd 2011.

The event will be organized by Association “E.ART” in collaboration with the “Victoria 
of Rome, with the “SpazioArte” Circle of the Aquila, with the magazine 
“Abruzzo AZ 60”,
“Mailartmeeting Archives” - c/o Anna Boschi of Bologna, 
Anna Raccuja 
of Perugia, journalist-advertising G.U.S. Directive Council She prints Roman, Founding 
Associate U.G.E.F. - Rome and journalist Vittorio De Seriis, Civitanova Marche (MC).

We wish to Thank a lot everyone that will participate.

Eufrasia Cordone
(President of Association "E.ART")

Send the works to :
Cultural Association "E.ART"
Via Castelfidardo, 72
62012 - Civitanova Marche 
(MC) - Italy

Telefone: +39 / 0733-817194 
Cellular:   +39 / 393-5134305
from the Wednesday to Sunday
from the 17,30 to the 20.30


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found process (L) and a recreation of that process (R)