Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tomato-Times article

ptomaine said...
This is wrong. Un-husked Black Walnuts accidentally killed the children. What you have here are English Walnuts. Black walnuts and English walnuts come from completely different trees/countries. As so often happens in war, outrage at one accidental atrocity has led to another accidental atrocity. The innocent suffer. Two wrongs don't make a right.htzjdmq
12:11 PM

Nobody said...
...Yes you ARE right. The same happened with the murdered children-tomatoes. It turned out they were born and raised in the USA and the nuts who murderd them were also from the same country. Typical war-press. Just take a photo and tell a fairytale... But lucky enough the English Walnuts that were captured in a spanish garlic-net were left free short afterwards. That is at least the 'official version' we read in the Tomato-TimesHas the world gone nuts? ...In a tomato-war anything can happen...

My tomato will be your tomato

you remember the first & seconde time
i read yer tomatoe andtoe to toe we matched
parts and slinging sides
with paste and goo?
how we matched thyme with
peccadilo and aramidill
O & jellO and potatoe
with ham sliced chives & cheese
the seconde fois naturally was
better than rhyming cheese with air
or stickle-back fish with mother
or that french-fries always taste
better at the greasiest spoon in town
and that my thighs when chewed on
spurted like spaghetti sauce
with Italian onions
and garden red pulpy

but most of all

what you recall


my potatoes & potassium blues

Well I love you mY sweet Little Potatoe

no matter the red ripe tomatoe!!!!!

March 15, 2006
From guitarded112

The Dutch Tomato-Army

The Dutch Tomato-Army comes to help Fluxus Heidelberg in the Tomato War. A FLuxus Collage by Litsa Spathi.

Fluxus is alive and well


To make things clear

To make clear that ptomaine made a mistake in the links in his file: Fluxus Heidelberg = Litsa Spathi & Ruud Janssen.


Destroying Nuts before they joined the Chickens

(c) 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

equinox drawing

what are we creating?

Blogger: Fluxlist :: Create Post

Blogger: Fluxlist :: Create Post

counterintelligence from gathering of agents

paints different picture

Crush the Nuts who put nothing in read circles

Triumpf in Troya

(c) 2006

The battlefield

(c) 2006

What happens to Chickens that don't listen.

(c) 2006

The punishment - everybody get what he deserves.

The Tomato-Children run away when the nut cries out load. He is being tortured because he has murdered these 13 innocent Tomoato-children.

The great catch

Two Tomato Children watch how 5 nuts are captured. These nuts are responsible for the masacre of 13 tomato-children in Toronto.

Tomato War Vispo


Red Circle Tomato has its heart cruelly ripped out and is left a heartless red circle with nothing in it by Allan Revich as the transatlantic red circle tomato wars escalate. What will Litsa do? Will Ruud retaliate? Where will it all lead? Will peace ever again reign over rien? red circle tomato with nothing in it and a broken heart
(c) 2006 by Fluxus Toronto

karen eliot strikes again!

uh, how do you like the new decor?

(hope she didn't mess up too many of the posts!)

(oh no! we've been highjacked!)

is this what they mean by an "artstrike"?


Thursday, September 21, 2006

tomato salvo

timeplay, five nine three, Posted by Picasa
now this is part of the
box, thirty-two at seven,
unending foam, om kona,
original mail,
metem psychosis, pavomorfic, homer
conveys essential, trance migration,
cyclorama, graffiti have been inscribed
upon graffiti inscribed upon graffiti,
comfort and happiness in everything,

in english or not, may day scene, le
lieu, our bright, star killer, photo by
or photo of, peek freak, way up on
the thirty-third floor, a “corpse
boy”, the psychosis of the hand,
where power exists in the thesis of
the hat, acidic blue graffito,
author decides to seek a detour,
raisin of the state,

n o v i c e


The Tomato war is in full progress. Nuts and even Chickens are participating in this battle. A war caused by the stealing of a tomato by Allan Revich after which Litsa Spathi declared the war. A tomato that belongs to Litsa Spathi..... The Fluxus Heidelberg Center is closely watching how the war develops. We will publish a booklet about the TOMATO WAR. Only when the peace has been signed the booklet will see the light. We aren't nuts to publish something in wartime.

We will anounce details about the publication on :

Alien Tomato Soldier

(c) 2006 Fluxus Collage by Litsa Spathi

Fluxus Milagros

Click here for more information about this object.

Click here for information about milagros.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

a new red circle with nothing in it

a new red circle with nothing in it - allan revich - 2006

nod to main

Flux Flex

Double or Nothing

double or nothing double double

Toaster Totem

Click here for larger picture.

Dross Priddlescape

D. Ross Priddle-scape and a circle with nothing in it behind a tree, an unauthorized collaboration between D. Ross Priddle and Allan Revich

caprese salad (mobile)

If you can't read this ...


symbol stack (mobile)

[may also be used as a test chimney]

Rogue Squad of Walnuts Detained

Higher level officers deny any responsibility in accidental massacre of tomato children. Thorough investigation promised. Secretary Snarl regrets incident but questions why children were allowed to impersonate soldiers.

Ono meets and trains the Tomatoes

...New strategies in the tomato-war. After the little incident with the "nuts" we trained some of our tomatoes. In their special function they are allowed to wear a basilicum hat. (When they get slaughtered, they at least taste good). On this photo they are trained by a lady called "Ono"...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A tomato-frog

this frog is not what it looks like....

Walnuts rout tomatoes

Beliefs about peace once held by white people.


The Beautiful Helen - or the stolen Tomato

Now you know what tomatoes are capable of - second warning.

Video made by Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen as a result of the start of the first World-Tomato-war in Fluxus. Integrates fluxus Poetry by Litsa Spathi with Tomatoes worldwide. Video-animations by Ruud Janssen. Published by Fluxus Heidelberg Center, Breda, 2006.

Allan Delivers a Painful Chastisement

Allan Delivers a Painful Chastisement and a red circle with NOTHING in it(and a red circle with nothing in it)


...The army of red circles with something in it is ready.....

A Toronto Fluxus Free Zone

A Toronto Fluxus Free Zone, found in The Annex by Allan RevichA Toronto Fluxus Free Zone, found in The Annex by Allan Revich

Flying in Fluxus Formation