Thursday, July 20, 2006

Edam Squatting

The 17th Annual Edam Squatting Contest was held in Holland last week and several Fluxus artists fromm the Netherlands took part including Van Der Plinker, Oost Derbleferbel and Herbie Hunkerfunk. In the 3 Day Marathon, Herbie came 2nd and won the coveted Silver Cheeseboard.
Following the contest there was a Fluxus concert and we were treated to some fine compositions including Der Plinker's Gouda Symphony for hollowed out cheeses and celery drum sticks. Ton Wuckflimper sang a religious song about "The Baby Cheeses".


hazel said...

I don't belive a word of it!

Allan Revich said...

I believe every word of it. I'm sorry that I missed it.

Litsa Spathi / Nobody said...

Allen, you are right,je hebt gelijk, du hast recht, echis dikio