Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Fluxus Symbols - Clip Art for Everyone

ptomaineState of BeingAllan RevichmichaelReed AltemusClifford DuffyptomaineptomaineReed AltemusRuud Janssenhazelptomaine
All symbols derived from posts to Fluxlist Blog. Click on a symbol above to go to the corresponding blog entry.

CLICK HERE for larger downloadable graphic of these symbols then save to use symbols in future projects.


Russell CJ Duffy said...

seems to be a lot of ptomaine's!!??!!

allen bukoff said...

They would have been all mine except that my bad self forced me to throw in some from others to try to create the illusion of a group project in hopes of 1. garnering some social support and 2. creating the illusion of being a leader. I take it it didn't work.


I seem to be the one most interested in creating and finding and working with little graphic symbols. So I'm sampling from an activity in which I play a lot?


Russell CJ Duffy said...

on the contrary, it worked well. as does this site.

as for sampling...keep it up. i enjoy it.

Ruud Janssen said...

The link to the Fluxus Heidelberg Center has an "Alt = " name to just me. Fluxus Heidelberg Center = Litsa Spath & Ruud Janssen!