Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween & Fluxus

This year, instead of hanging my large pumpkin face in the maple tree in the front yard, I decided to install it on the front porch entrance to my house (shown here). The four pieces of the face are made out of lightweight strips of wood wrapped with strings of orange lights. The eyes are 3-foot triangles, the mouth is 7.5 feet wide, and the nose is a 3.5 x 2.5-foot triangle.

A couple of previous Fluxus Midwest Halloween activities at

Isn't the connection between Halloween and Fluxus greatly underdeveloped? Isn't it a natural--a quirky everyone-invited performance-oriented holiday? Doesn't the mischievous spirit of Halloween ring your Fluxus tuning fork?

So any one care to participate in a Fluxus Halloween Party on Fluxlist Blog? What would we do? Wear masks? Go trick or treating?


jn said...
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jn said...

I'm in.