Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Father of Fluxus?

Reading through a collection of the writings of Beachcomber, I found this:

The poets at play

The Gorium Possia Group met yesterday in their basement headquarters. Neth Gorium himself started the proceedings by saying the word "bumblebee" thirty-four times in varying tones of voice. Rampton Glapiron then played a prolonged growling sound on a gramophone, and held up a yellow dishcloth. A young man in a yellow mask, with three pads hanging from it, recited a short "Salute to Nothing", which consisted of numerals from sixty-four to ninety-three. Finally Eugene Thasko wrote on a blackboard: None go where all stay.


Clifford Duffy said...

uterrly charming charming charming utterly charmante charm

Litsa Spathi / Nobody said...

Cool work!