Friday, November 10, 2006

tears on my PiLLow

found potatoe work dates back to 1996! for decades us poetatoet folks' been ignored, spurned, rejects, not loved, wanted and needed! what tears on our pillows! our gushy selves are ruined! O potato so round so feely true! O
my potatoe one day you too
Will head to Delphi!!!
gender free poetatoette weeps leaving blogger stage Right!

  • potato

    Litsa Spathi / Nobody said...

    so sweet. Poor nice potato.

    Ruud Janssen said...

    yes, potatoes are also sweet. Loved the comic.

    Clifford Duffy said...

    fluxus and ruud I take heart from your comments! Sigh! of relieved tears of joy!